Makes the Heart Grow

by Nathaniel

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This album was recorded and mixed at home by my talented brother Michael. Backing vocals were done by family members including my beautiful wife Annika, and my brothers Christopher and Josh.


released February 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Nathaniel Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: River of Questions
My river of questions has dried up
The ocean of thoughts in my head has frozen
Am I making any sense?
Am I making any sense at all?

You’re enough to melt a heart of stone
My chest compressed inside a cage of bone
The elastic snaps and it unravels
I have just begun to thaw

My life had become stale and stagnant
Your heart is open and so free
Will I let it shake mine?
Will I let it break mine today?

Horizon is no longer straight
How could something that’s so very small shift me?
You’ve opened up a different road
You’ve opened up a different road for me
Track Name: Magic
Sometimes they see the magic in ... their lives
Where it comes from they don’t know

Sometimes they hear his voice inside ... their heads
Where it comes from they don’t know

What do I say?
What do I say to them?

Sometimes I wish that I would see you here
Cause I know where you are from
And I know what you have done

Sometimes I wish that I could hear your voice
Sometimes I wish that I would stop running
You’re inside me but I’m scared
You would change me if I let you
Track Name: Where Life Took Us
We thought it would be easier
But have I failed you
I thought that words would flow out
But they’re stuck inside me
You thought that strength was given
But we did not find it

So here we are
Where life has taken us
So here we are
Where we have drifted

Now that we’ve realised what we’d become
Now that we’ve realised who we were
We wanna break free, break free
We wanna break free, break free
Track Name: Oma
Was she an angel?
How many did she touch?
She’ll be remembered
Cause she reflected you

Her joy was on show
Selfless in life, selfless in death
Her joy came from you

Was she an angel?
Unknown to me
She was sleeping in Kingston
Now she’s fallen asleep

Was she an angel?
Carried to heaven
Brown sugar, Sjoelen
She’ll be missed by me

Selfless in life
Selfless in death
Track Name: Lie
I don’t want to live
If you can’t trust my words

I am wrecked by guilt
When I lie to you
I drive a hole in your heart

I said I’d fight for you
I will but I lost this time
I wish I was what you need

I hope you still know
Cause I’m gonna prove
That you mean all to me
That you mean all to me
Track Name: Not What I Do
Everything that I do well
Is tainted by the things that I do wrong
I can never do enough

I can never ask
If you will imitate the things I do
Cause I am not strong enough

My little man
You are watching me
My little boy
Shut your eyes

My life has not been admirable
My heart has not been pure it’s full of holes
I’ll never be enough alone
Track Name: Slowed You Down
It hurt me to see
It hurt me to see you in that light

Cause you have so much love

Now that you’re free
Now that you’re free I’m sorry I wasn’t there

Cause I think I slowed you down
Track Name: Fell Into My Life
You fell into my life like water in a drought
Opened up my eyes to see what this could be
I wish that this could show how much you mean to me
There’s nothing in our way and you are worth a fight
Your heart is opened up I hope I treat you right
There’s so much beauty there I’m scared of wasting it

I know I don’t deserve
I know I don’t deserve you

Your love is like the sun breaking through the clouds
This thunderstorm won’t last while you are still around
Your heart set me free from stale stability
Your love makes me safe from harsh fragility
Track Name: Victory
I need this victory in my life
I need to feel free from this strife
Cause there’s more, yeh there’s more
That you need to change
Cause there’s more, yeh there’s more
That you need from me

I’d like to see the fruit of your work
For this life to be more than talk
Cause I’m weak, yeah I’m weak
But I don’t have to be

We’ve won the war
Now win this fight
Track Name: Worn Out
I’m worn out
I’m worn out
I’m sick of waiting for me
To get it right

I wish I was
I wish I was
What you wanted me for
I’m scared I’m not

I’ll move forward
I’ll move forward
I need to know which way I’m
Facing now

I’m sick of making the same mistakes